A nice note

Isn’t it amazing how much a nice letter or e-mail, or a few words of praise can make a person’s day?

From time to time, we receive unsolicited compliments from fans, usually from out-of-town. It’s one of the best parts of our job.

Here’s the first such note of the 2007 season. It arrived in our staff e-mail box (staff@gobees.com) last night. The letter’s from Jay Thorpe, who made the two-hour trip Monday afternoon with his wife and daughter. The Thorpes were the first fans through the gate for Sandberg’s first game here in Burlington.

Jay wrote:


My family and I came up monday night to see the Bees and Ryan Sandberg and had a great
time, the staff was very friendly and the signing with Mr. Sandberg was handled well with everyone getting in an organized line. The man in charge of the line an off duty police officer was really nice and dollar monday was and is a great promotion!

This was our first time at a Bees game, but we plan on coming back again this summer. Keep up the great job!

Jay Thorpe

Hannibal, Missouri

Thank you for those kind words, Jay! We look forward to seeing you and your family back here at The Hive in the near future!

(The police officer Jay mentions is none other than SuperFan Jeff Klein, one of the ball park’s many friendly, familiar faces.)

Our office and game-day staffs take pride in doing our best to give our fans friendly service with a personal touch. It’s always gratifying to receive this kind of nice feedback that tells us we’re doing a good job!


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