Packed house on Honor Roll Day



On the field, it was a rough day for your Bees, who took it on the chin, 15-6.

In the stands, though, it was a pretty good day for our organization. We hosted our largest kids-day crowd yet, welcoming 2,400 students on Honor Roll Day. The place was packed, and we went through scads of Dippin’ Dots, cotton candy, Mountain Dew, and all the other sugar- and caffein-loaded ball park favorites. Any more sugar-induced students here today, and the stadium might have exploded!

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors who make these days possible: Great River Medical Center, Hy-Vee, Sterzing’s Potato Chips, Burlington Pepsi, Vista Bakery, and American Ordnance.






One Response to “Packed house on Honor Roll Day”

  1. Boom-Boom Says:

    I love the pic with me in it with the cubs hat!!!!

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