Honoring our troops on Armed Forces Day



Back home on leave from Iraq, SFC Aaron Sylvester was here with his wife Katy and daughters Grace (the younger one, to the left) and Ruth. The Sylvesters were among the military families who joined us on Armed Forces Day.

It was a positive, uplifting night as we had a nice crowd turn out to honor our troops. I want to personally thank Linda Long and our friends from Supporting Our Families & Troops (S.O.F.T.). They did an unbelievable job setting up the details for this night. They decorating the stadium and the parking lot with signs and yellow ribbons galore. They provided the night’s playlist of patriotic songs. They coordinated our pre-game ceremony. They put a lot of energy, thought, and passion into making this night a memorable success.

Thank you also to all of the veterans and military and their families who were part of our tribute.

Thank you to all of you fans who came out to show your support.

Thank you, especially, to all of the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces, and those who continue to defend our freedom as Americans.

This summer, we are partnering with S.O.F.T. on another care-package drive, planned for July 7. We encourage you to donate items that Linda and her crew will send overseas, to show our appreciation for our troops and the sacrifices they make for our country.


4 Responses to “Honoring our troops on Armed Forces Day”

  1. Katy Says:

    Thanks for a great night! We had an awesome time & appreciate the Bees effort in recognizing the military & their families. Job well done to all!

  2. Trev Says:

    Thank-you to the sponsors who give away the bikes at the Bees games. It made the day of one certain 9yr. old girl that I hapen to know.

  3. Adam Says:

    It was great having your family out here on Armed Forces Night. I can’t say enough nice things about all the great people we’ve met through S.O.F.T. My thoughts have been with your family today as Aaron heads back to Iraq. Maybe we’ll see you out here tonight!

  4. Adam Says:

    Yes, we’re fortunate to have Louisa Communications sponsor the Saturday bike giveaway once again in 2007. Hope Kaley gets a lot of good use out of her new bicycle.

    We’re also grateful to have sponsors that allow us to give away baseball gloves at all of our Sunday and Monday games. Thanks to Kitchens Plus and the Burlington/West Burlington Postal Clerks and Maintenance Workers in the American Postal Workers Union Local 411.

    These sponsors make a lot of kids (and their parents) very happy!

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