Ed Larson Night

Tonight, we honor our friend Ed Larson with a pre-game ceremony. We will be thanking Ed for his more than 50 years of service to professional baseball in our community.

Ed has taken on many roles during the last half century. He’s served on our organization’s board of directors for years, and he’s been an active voice in the 40 & 8 American Legion group that has generously provided the land for our facilities. On a larger scope, Ed served one year as the president of the Midwest League (in 1986), and has served for many years in his current role as the league’s vice president.

A lot of you reading this probably know Ed. He’s a regular fixture out here, and you can find him sitting up in the main grandstand most games. Ed’s got a lot of stories from his time around Bees baseball. He regularly recounts some of this stories, like the ones about the groundskeeper in the early 70s who wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. The story goes that this person often doubled as part-time mascot back then, and he regularly smoked while in costume. You could see the smoke coming out of the bee’s head, which must have been quite the sight. Ed jokes that he had to remind this same character to lay the sod “green side up.”

We hope you can come out a little early tonight for the ceremony that starts at 6:45. And if you ever want to talk about the history of pro baseball in our community, I’m sure Ed would be happy to share some of his tales of Bees lore.


One Response to “Ed Larson Night”

  1. Trev Says:

    I commend the Bees on honoring a true gentleman. Classy move!!

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