A whole lot going on tonight

In addition to being a Fireworks Friday to kick off Fort Madison Area Community Weekend, tonight’s game features a few more special promotions.

It’s our annual Cub Scout Recognition and Campout Night. The area packs will be part of a pre-game parade on the field, culminating in the presenting of the colors for the National Anthem. During the game, we will recognize all of the scout groups in attendance. After the post-game fireworks, the scouts will set up for camping out in the outfield, where they will watch a movie.

Tonight, we are teaming up with TriOak Foods to bring you The Best Pork-Loin Sandwich in the Midwest. As you enter the main gate, you’ll be greeted by the sweet smell of smoked pork. You can get your hands on one of these sandwiches at the tent set up just inside the gate.

And speaking of food, tonight, we’ll be handing out more loaves of the always-popular Sara Lee bread!

Gate opens at 6, game starts at 7.


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