Hello Bees’ Fans!

Greetings from Community Field, the home of your Burlington Bees!

First, I would like to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Jared Schjei and I am the new Asst. GM of Sales & Marketing for the Bees. For the past three seasons, I have worked for a collegiate summer baseball team in Thomasville, North Carolina. I am originally from Minnesota (sorry Hawkeye fans).

There are two other new faces at the Bees’ office as well. Whitney Henderson (Director of Group Outings) and Kourtney Kelso (Director of Tickets/Merchandise) recently joined our staff as well. We’re all excited to be here and look forward to another season of Bees’ Baseball in 2008.

I know I have my hands full trying to take over for Adam. He did a tremendous job in his four years with the Bees and I will do my best to continue what he has started.

This blog will continue to include:

  • profiles of the players, fans, and staff around The Hive
  • photos that share the fan experience
  • alumni reports
  • Bees-related links
  • flashbacks of Bees history
  • promotional details
  • and much more…
  • If you’re looking for up to date information, your best bet is always www.gobees.com. However, this blog will continue to give you fans a different perspective of Bees’ baseball while enabling you to give feedback and suggestions on ways to improve your experience at “The Hive.”

    Please feel free at any time to give me suggestions on ways we can improve this blog as well.

  • -Jared
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    3 Responses to “Hello Bees’ Fans!”

    1. funny facts Says:

      Roses are red, sky is blue, you’re a better writer than me for sure, lol 😉

    2. Adam Goings Says:

      Welcome to all the new staff. I am glad that this board is still up and running. I like to read it to help stay informed on the team.

    3. Adam Goings Says:

      I hope you keep this up to date. I really enjoyed Adam’s insight last year to the happings going on when I could not attend.

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