Welcome to our Interns!

If you were out at The Hive this past home stand, you may have noticed a few new faces around the ballpark. That’s because we have three new interns here that we’d like to welcome and introduce. Although Mike has been here since February, we’re going to introduce him as well. We’ll do two today and two tomorrow.

Michael Schulte
Age: 22
Hometown: Jerseyville, IL
College: Eastern Illinois
Major: Economics
Sports Played in HS/college: cross country, track
Favorite MLB Team: Cardinals
Favorite Player: Jose Oquendo
Favorite Baseball Moment: The catch – Willie Mays
Other hobbies: fantasy baseball, sleep
Favorite Movie: The Sandlot
Favorite Show: The Office
Favorite Food: Meatball Subs
Favorite Band: Metallica
Future Dream Car: Harley Davidson
Vacation Place: mountains
Chevy or Ford: Dodge
Vanilla or Chocolate: chocolate
Dogs or Cats: dogs
Summer or Winter: baseball season
Pontoon or Speed Boat: speed boat

Annie Pogue
Age: 21
Hometown: Stronghurst, IL
College: Illinois College
Major: Management & Organizational Leadership
Sports Played in HS/college: basketball and softball (2 years of college basketball)
Favorite MLB Team: White Sox
Favorite Player: Joe Crede
Favorite Baseball Moment: 2005 White Sox Championship
Other hobbies: watching & playing sports, running, being outside
Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
Favorite Show: The Office
Favorite Food: Chicken Rice Casserole
Favorite Band: OAR
Future Dream Car: RAV 4
Vacation Place: Bahamas
Chevy or Ford: Pontiac
Vanilla or Chocolate: vanilla
Dogs or Cats: dogs
Summer or Winter: summer
Pontoon or Speed Boat: pontoon


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