Bees Already Looking Forward to 2009!

Just less than two weeks ago, we were enjoying the Bees first Midwest League Championship since 1999. Although we are still enjoying the championship, we also have to look towards the 2009 season. Today, we announced the 2009 schedule. It can be found at

Three things really stand out to me when looking at the schedule. Number one, the season starts nearly a week later than last year. Opening Day will be April 9th compared to April 3rd. Secondly, the Bees will have only nine home games in the month of April. We had 16 home games in April this past season. Hopefully for you fans, this means less 40 degree games. The third thing I noticed is the balance in weekend games. In 2008, we went through a five-week stretch without any Friday or Saturday home games. With the new schedule, we will be able to spread out the different promotional nights like Jimmy Buffett Night and Cubs-Cards Night.

While you’re on the Bees’ website, make sure to vote for what game time you like the best (located at the bottom right of homepage). If you remember, during the first half of the season, games were set at 6:30, then changed to 7:00 in the 2nd half. The reason for moving it up to 6:30 was because of the cold weather earlier in the season. The more we can play while the sun is up, the better. Also, kids were still in school during most of the 1st half. We’ll announce game times and promotional nights very soon.


One Response to “Bees Already Looking Forward to 2009!”

  1. Tom Says:

    Thanks for keeping the blog going. It’s great to keep up with what is happening with the Bees. I especially enjoyed knowing about the Bees in the Arizona Fall League. I will have to check out the league web site. Thanks, Tom

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