Greetings from Community Field — “The Hive” — the home of Burlington Bees baseball.  

A quick intro: My name is Adam Small, and I am the Bees’ assistant G.M. of sales and marketing.  I’m grateful to have a job that I enjoy, doing something I truly believe in.  Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Bees baseball, and I take pride in doing everything I can to help grow and promote our organization.

 We’ve got a great thing going here in Burlington, Iowa — the smallest market to host full-season professional baseball:

  •      A great staff that I get to be part of. 
  •      Awesome fans who loyally support their Bees.
  •      A proud history that goes back to 1889: Nearly 200 Burlington players have  gone  on to play in the major leagues, and 25 have been big-league all-stars.
  •      A decade-long agreement with our parent club, the Kansas City Royals.

In recent years, we’ve made the leap into the 21st century, taking the steps to ensure a bright future for our organization’s continued success:

     Renovating our stadium before the 2005 season, transforming our outdated ballpark into a modern stadium that’s a community source of pride.

     Giving our Web site — — a major facelift.


     And, perhaps the most noticeable change for this season, changing our logo, a move that’s been met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction by our fans and the media.  In its current issue, Baseball America rates our new logo as the “best of the best” of Minor League Baseball’s new logos for the 2007 season.  Just two years ago, the same publication rated our outdated logo as one of MiLB’s worst 16.

 This blog seems like the next natural step in this direction, as we continually try to find new ways to share our story with our fans.  I’ll do my best to regularly update this page with content that’s of interest to our fan base.

Among the plans for this blog:

  •      profiles of the players
  •      fans, staff around The Hive
  •      photos that share the fan experience
  •      alumni reports
  •     Bees-related links
  •      flashbacks of Bees history
  •      promotional details

     and so on…

If you’re looking for up-to-date scores and game stories, your best bet will always be  This blog is just a supplement to our Web page, a place where fans can find content that tries to capture what Bees baseball is all about.

Thanks for checking out our blog. Come back often, and always feel free to drop me a line on ways we can improve this site, and the Bees baseball experience.





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